Please hold during the silence

6 Jun

Having recently survived a series of bruising encounters of the Call Centre kind the editor is reminded that he has been writing this stuff for far too long.

He is also moved to wonder about progress and to share with readers a short note first published in 2004.

Back then the object of this writer’s ire was a phone company and today it’s a digitally different outfit – but at least the 2004 battle gifted us the headline ‘Please hold during the silence’.

With slightly better integration between departmentalised helpers, today’s call centre designers may lack poetry in their utterances but they are as addicted as ever to ‘the long button-pushing trail a-winding. . . . ‘

From the Group Intellex archive, ‘Hang on in there’ was written during one of those silences whilst waiting for a help-desk connection – and in those moments of reflection, when nothing more could be said or tweeted or text’d or posted, it sounded like a good rule for life.

Full story here


One Response to “Please hold during the silence”

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    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post once again soon. I don’t feel I could have put it far better myself. 401344

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