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The Macro and Micro Digital Deficits

31 Aug

There’s ‘The Deficit’ and umpteen other deficits that are giving grief across all sectors of the economy.  But underlying all these, inhibiting a revitalisation of the economy, is a deeper, darker deficit – the Digital Deficit.

In this CMA editorial written for Bdaily (the UK’s online business forum) we discuss a top down and bottom up view of the impact of the digital deficit in the context of an emergent digital economy and the upcoming debate at NextGen12

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Productivity Puzzle: making sense of the job numbers

19 Aug

When facts seem to get in the way of belief it is hardly surprising that some folk get upset.

Cherished notions about productivity were at the root of consternation in the UK last week but the puzzle provides a few extra clues for those who have not yet fully understood the impacts of digitalisation and ‘the digital economy’.

With jobs growth highest amongst people least likely to benefit from digital efficiencies and an increase in ‘digital economy’  activities that are not included in GDP estimates we are seeing the emergence of new realities and an urgent need to design better ways of understanding what is going on.

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Turning the Tables on Digital Expectations

9 Aug

In the past two weeks the turnaround in UK attitudes towards Olympic prospects has been impressive.

Running rings around our expectations is now similar to what is needed to overcome the UK’s ‘Digital Deficit’ (DD).

In this slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ editorial we  liken DD to an endemic medical condition where early recognition of the symptons may prevent the need for more radical therapies later.

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CMA welcomes House of Lords report

7 Aug

The House of Lords Communications Committee’s report offering an alternative vision for the UK is an important contribution towards the challenges of resolving the country’s digital deficits.

The Communications Management Association’s view has been widely reported.

The linkages between digital investment and economic growth will now be further explored at NextGen12.

Read the original CMA text here.