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Ofcom: crowd-sourced data and mobile performance quality

16 Apr

A fair crowd gathered yesterday in London to hear Ofcom’s tentative views on improving consumer information in the mobile phone arena.

Representing the UK’s Communications Management Association I found the meeting experience, much like many a mobile call, variable.

Full story here


Multi-site/multinational companies press for action on EU digital networks regulation

24 Jan

A new study jointly commissioned by INTUG (the international user group for major telecoms customers) and ECTA (European Competitive Telecoms Association) estimates that the value of a single digital market in the EU for digital communications services as €90 billion.

The need for regulators to address the issues of easier cross-border service provision to enable efficiencies for major businesses has become a significant challenge as the digital economy develops.

Major businesses may represent only 2% of all EU companies but these multi-site, multinational organisations generate 60 million jobs and account for nearly half of EU business turnover and more than half of ‘value added’.

Together with public service agencies, businesses contribute disproportionally to the revenues of major telcos and, in their remit for protecting the interests of all customers, regulators should be mindful of the market distortions that flow from this ‘indirect taxation’.

You can find the full story and a link to the INTUG-ECTA study at Bdaily – the UK’s business news network.

Groupe Intellex Index: July-Dec 2012

7 Jan

This edition of the index shows that our published output may have been lower in the 2nd half of the year but we developed some digital economy themes in greater depth.

The Index provides quick links to all of our editorial material (including contributions from Marit Hendriks and Andrew Macdonald and Leader columns for the CMA) plus briefing notes for projects for NG Events and Community Study Tours.

Surprisingly popular in the last week of the year was a review of Irene Ng’s new book ‘Value & Worth’ with a hit–rate exceeding anything we’d published since last September.


The Macro and Micro Digital Deficits

31 Aug

There’s ‘The Deficit’ and umpteen other deficits that are giving grief across all sectors of the economy.  But underlying all these, inhibiting a revitalisation of the economy, is a deeper, darker deficit – the Digital Deficit.

In this CMA editorial written for Bdaily (the UK’s online business forum) we discuss a top down and bottom up view of the impact of the digital deficit in the context of an emergent digital economy and the upcoming debate at NextGen12

Full story here.

CMA welcomes House of Lords report

7 Aug

The House of Lords Communications Committee’s report offering an alternative vision for the UK is an important contribution towards the challenges of resolving the country’s digital deficits.

The Communications Management Association’s view has been widely reported.

The linkages between digital investment and economic growth will now be further explored at NextGen12.

Read the original CMA text here.

Tricky times for Telco’s.

4 May

A recent report from AD Little highlights the decline of core revenues and the difficult choices facing European incumbents.

Whilst fixed line operators may look to diversify or develop OTT services, these options are viewed differently by Mobile operators.

The Groupe Intellex editorial considers the choice between yet more austerity measures and massive infrastructure investment – and this strategic choice is not just one for corporate leaders.

Full story here.