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Lazarettos needed in Ebola-stricken lands

18 Oct

250px-Ithaki-VathySkippers sailing into Vathi – the deep natural harbour of Ithaca in the Ionian – nowadays steer well clear of the tiny square islet marked on the chart as Lazaretto, and those of us with larger yachts also know that a storage space at the stern is called the lazarrette.

In these times of Ebola, both references remind us that quarantined isolation has traditionally been the last defence against contagious diseases. The name derives from biblical references to Lazarus and the scourge of leprosy.   Another reminder will occur next week in Exeter.

The National Investiture of the Grand Priory of England and Wales – part of the Order of Saint Lazarus – takes place on Saturday 25th October in Exeter cathedral.

The Order of Saint Lazarus is one of the most ancient of the European orders of chivalry from the days of crusader knights but, with the exception of a brief period in the 17th century, it played no military role after 1291. From its foundation in the 12th century, the members of the Order were dedicated to two ideals: providing aid to those suffering from the dreadful disease of Leprosy, and defending the Christian faith.

The event in Exeter reminds us that Leprosy has still not been eliminated – a salutary thought as the world gears up to the challenges of Ebola – and the work goes on, not least in West Bengal amongst the elderly and children of affected families.

Even in Europe, in our lifetime, the Order of St Lazarus was the primary provider of medical and other aid to Eastern Europe and former Soviet Bloc CIS countries – delivering, for example, twice as much as then provided by the German Red Cross which ranked second in EU estimates.

Devotion to this cause is, of course, entirely voluntary and we’re delighted to report that one of our regular contributors will next week receive the Order’s Meritorious Service Medal.

This particular award is quite rare but Dr. Colin Coulson Thomas is well qualified having held one unpaid office or another continuously for 26 years. For 17 years his roles included being a Trustee of the St Lazarus Charitable Trust and he has also chaired the executive committee of the Grand Priory of England and Wales. More recently he has been leading the Order’s International Governance Initiative that is concerned with raising standards of corporate and public sector governance around the world, and particularly where corruption is endemic.

Groupe Intellex congratulates Colin on this recognition of his years of service and commends the Order for its continuing crusades in the 21st century.



Colin’s ongoing work on business governance is featured in our management editorials and will be discussed at the IOD (India) London Global Convention – 28th to 31st October, 2014.

Picture of Vathi courtesy of Wikimedia



The Poetry of Networked People

16 Oct

MATRIX logoFor an organisation devoted to technology and innovation, Northern Ireland’s annual MATRIX poetry competition is a determined attempt to tackle stereotypical distinctions between arts and sciences. 

In a part of the UK with more than its fair share of hard-edged black & white positions, it is worthwhile pointing out that in the design of laptops, tablets and phones, silver-grey with rounded corners is a very stylish choice.

Poetry is, of course, a deal further on from product design but, when innovators launch their new ventures, the value of well-chosen words can never be underestimated.  Every week we enjoy Norman’s Blog – a compendium of historical linkages often triggered by the latest excitements at the NI Science Park – and Norman Apsley’s stories are all the more memorable for the way that he tells them.

My own career in telecoms was, on the surface, a very technological pursuit but one where there were countless opportunities for wordsmiths.  It may not have been what I was paid to do but I now count those years as excellent training in creative writing – and even if my Action Pointer series (totally uncalled-for essays) raised a few senior eyebrows they often served to open minds to new possibilities.

So now, despite carrying a technology-driven label, I cannot deny that I am (and always have been) a writer.  Recognition, even in some minor way, is always satisfying – like tracking if readers crack up at the same embedded chuckle points – and today’s event is priceless. 

Few of us place enough value on words and I’d not rate my own efforts as particularly worthwhile.  For the most part, poetry is a personal and private pre-occupation, rarely shared beyond friends and family, but this day simply cannot pass without expressing my thanks to MATRIX for the honour bestowed on my lines about Linked in and tenuous social media connections.


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Full text of the winning entry ‘Linked In?