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Leadership is a Support Role says Prof.

30 May

CCT Kerala at podium IMG_1798 Speaking in India last week, Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas defined his ‘New Leadership’ as a support role.  ‘It’s not about attributes’ he explained, ‘It’s about service to others – to customers, employees, business partners and to a cause’

For India’s business leaders at their World Congress, basking in the post-election afterglow of a new government, the speech was a timely reminder that their primary role was to listen and support their people.

To headline our report of Colin’s leadership speech we’ve referenced Carly Simon’s epic line of 1972, ‘I bet you think this song is about you. Don’t you.’

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Growth – Who Needs It?

20 May

Green sprout in an eggAdam Lusby, Founder of CE-optimal, writing as a guest contributor for Groupe Intellex, tackles a common concern – the addiction of our economic systems to growth.

He argues that the debate should not be between a choice of growth or decline but should more about the way we achieve growth.

Very much in line with the thinking behind the Circular Economy he argues for a more ‘restorative’ economy – and cites natural systems as the best guide.

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Tackling Brick Walls – the challenges of Circular Economies

19 May

Brick Wall


From our observations following a recent discussion on Sustainability, we suggest that tackling the challenges head on is not an effective use of resources.


Given time and the natural inventiveness of citizens and enterprises, today’s brick walls will rot through their own irrelevance – a process that is being accelerated within digitalised economies.

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Suneet Singh Tuli – ICF’s ‘Visionary of the Year’

11 May

Few may have heard of Suneet Singh Tuli but the accolades keep coming.  Few readers will be aware of his company’s ultra low cost tablet range but, at less than $40, they make a huge difference to deprived communities.

Suneet Singh Tuli websizedSuneet’s latest accolade – Visionary of the Year from the Intelligent Community Forum – is yet another reminder that, in a world of easily accessible information, our perceptions and awareness are still limited by the boundaries of the daily diet served up by ‘news’ organisations.


Our everyday awareness of the digitally disconnected (‘the other 4 billion’) is brought into sharp focus by this award.

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