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Economic Revitalisation

10 Dec

It’s becoming better understood that Cities and Communities who have identified better connectivity as an enabler of economic growth must also pursue a series of programmes designed to exploit the enhanced infrastructure and secure commitments to its future improvement.

In this briefing on Economic Revitalisation, written ahead of NextGen’s 2013 UK events programme, we identify five essential programme strands that together will ensure that the investment in connectivity is worthwhile. At the same time these strands will also inform the local criteria for network design and operation.

The five key strands have emerged from global studies of ‘intelligent communities’ and the UK government’s Open Data and Digital by Default initiatives. They are collectively described as ‘applied’ digital infrastructure.




Productivity Puzzle: making sense of the job numbers

19 Aug

When facts seem to get in the way of belief it is hardly surprising that some folk get upset.

Cherished notions about productivity were at the root of consternation in the UK last week but the puzzle provides a few extra clues for those who have not yet fully understood the impacts of digitalisation and ‘the digital economy’.

With jobs growth highest amongst people least likely to benefit from digital efficiencies and an increase in ‘digital economy’ ¬†activities that are not included in GDP estimates we are seeing the emergence of new realities and an urgent need to design better ways of understanding what is going on.

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Transforming Public Services – new report

4 Jun

Colin Coulson-Thomas has launched his latest report – Transforming Public Services – in which he debunks top-down management moves like restructuring.

What is really needed, he says, is far better performance support for people at the coal face – and this approach is cheaper, faster and far more effective.

You can find more of Professor Coulson-Thomas’s work in the Editorial (Management) section of the main Groupe Intellex publication.

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