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Whatever Next? Without vision the platforms perish

29 Nov

Underlying the froth of Application inventiveness lies a deeper, more fundamental, challenge for the true innovator – the creation of new enabling digital platforms to take over from tired designs that are nearing the end of their lives and can no longer be sustained by patches, fixes, makeovers and redecoration.

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Unintended Consequences – and U-turn challenges

18 Nov

Thinking back to the summer of 2012, Michael Heseltine and his team made many good decisions. With an ear for political consensus he crafted a way to get things done – and made 89 recommendations.

It may now be increasingly beyond doubt that those right decisions were made for some of the wrong reasons – but does it really matter that some stones remained unturned?

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Converging or Diverging? Untangling Regulatory Directions

14 Nov

Over complex regulation is a nightmare for policymakers who want to move forward and a gift for corporates bent on ‘regulatory capture’.

Teasing the tangled remits apart is the best bet for governments who wish to focus the regulatory effort where it is most needed for the delivery of national imperatives.

Ahead of debates next week at ITU Telecom World 13 in Bangkok we reflect on the mixed motivations of communications regulators and the expectations of their governments.

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RSA City Growth Commission calls for input

12 Nov

Cities, inevitably, grow – but they do not always prosper.

The RSA’s City Growth Commission has set itself the task of asking ‘why?’

‘Multi-polar growth’ is their adopted term for a thinking about a less-London-centric rebalancing of the UK economy.

The Commission will no doubt garner views from umpteen shades of city advocate opinion.

Groupe Intellex has sent the Commission a response to all of their seven questions – and added an extra one for good measure.

City Growth Commission V4

A good week for digital diplomacy?

11 Nov

With so many revelations flying around this may seem an odd time to suggest it’s been a good week for digital diplomats.

In our observations of the past week (‘Digital Diplomacy: what goes around, comes around’) we note that even the Foreign Office is not unaffected by the Digital Economy.