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Poet turns Plumber – for a day

3 Jun

Faced with the urgent need to boost digital access from the office at the end of the garden (also known as the Groupe Intellex international HQ) we made the decision to use optical fibre.

DIY skills were not much needed with a plastic optical fibre kit from Firecomms (Cork, Ireland) plus timely advice and encouragement from Networx3 – an exhibitor at NextGen Roadshows.

Full story and pictures here.


Beyond Metro Ethernet

17 May

The rapid pace of traffic growth in the networks used everyday by millions of businesses, governments and households shows no sign of slowing.

As more and more applications become common-place and digital networking is recognized as the essential enabler of economic growth, major operators (fixed and mobile) are beginning to understand the need for a more complete switch-over to an all-optical backhaul infrastructure.

Acknowledged Metro-Ethernet expert Dr. Arthur Smith has taken up a new role of COO at innovative Dublin-based Intune Networks in a move that will signal a bright future for all-optical packet switching. ┬áThis appointment – one of a series this year – confirms Intune’s steady build-up of high-level technological and managerial talent.

Full story here.