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2015 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards: Sharing Economy

27 Aug


This is the last in our series of blogs for each of the awards categories in the 2015 Digital challenge.   Earlier in the year the Open Call for nominations signaled that the Sharing Economy deserved to be recognized as a significant new category.

NGShortlisthi-resSo, in this final Awards Blog we are delighted to introduce contenders with a wide range of approaches to collaborative endeavours.

The Sharing Economy is all about better use of resources – enabling folks to utilize spare capacity, share talent and expertise, and help individuals and communities to work in greater harmony.

The digital connection is that these projects are often made possible by greater online engagement with systems and platforms to connect resources to needs – and those resources may range from intangibles like expertise and data to tangible assets like a redundant Hard disk Drive or the driveway to your house.

The six 2015 Shortlisted Finalists for our Sharing Economy Trophy are:

Fairsay with eCampaigning Forum – sharing the talent for debating skills and social action.

Just Park – Pre-Book Parking – utilizing the value of your home driveway.

MyNeighbourhood – the Smart City and Sharing Communities initiative in Birmingham

Circular Data Solutions – Large-scale 100% recycling of redundant Hard Disc Drives whilst ensuring that no stored data can be inadvertently recovered or misused and full compliance with Data Privacy legislation.

Roomlala – a flat and room-share platform new to the UK and very popular in student communities where the property rental market needs greater flexibility.

Made Open Monmouthshire from Monmouthshire County Council & Made Open Communications – creating the conditions for communities and businesses to raise challenges, start projects and play a part in tackling the challenges that impact their place.

Research suggests that the emergence of Sharing Economy is a significant step in the long transition towards a more sustainable ‘circular economy’ where resources are not wasted but are re-used or re-purposed – designed to be ‘made to be made again’.

The independent judging panel will review all the shortlisted contenders during September. The winner will be announced at a dinner in the House of Lords following the NextGen 15 event on November 5th.

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2015 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards: Digital Innovation

24 Aug


[This is part 7 of an 8-part series profiling the short-listed Finalists – Ed]

Over the past five years of the Digital Challenge, Innovation has always been a strong theme.   In 2015 the contenders for this award once again demonstrate a diversity of imaginative responses to emergent needs.

NGShortlisthi-resWhen the judging panel buckles down to review the shortlist they will be faced with a three-part submission from each Finalist – detailing each project’s Challenge, Solution and Achievement.

The scale of each Challenge and Achievement is relatively easy to quantify but the judges must also assess each Solution by considering its degree of innovation, and ask how each project is differentiated from the general tide of progress.

The six 2015 Shortlisted Finalists are:

  • British Gas Connected Homes with the My Energy Live – a smartphone application.
  • Dorchester Collection with eShop – adding bitcoin payments to the online shopping experience.
  • DVLA with an Integrated Enquiries Platform (IEP) – the alternative to a Driving Licence paper counterpart – easing, for example, admin for car rentals.
  • Glasgow City Council with their Future Cities Demonstrator project – paving the way to smarter cities.
  • Kemuri with Wellbeing Monitor – a smart power socket with multiple sensors to allow remote activity monitoring for carers.
  • Northamptonshire County Council with Development Infrastructure and Funding for INV-ENT’ (innovation & Enterprise) project.

Which of these projects will be judged to have the potential to make a real difference?

The independent judging panel will review all the shortlisted contenders during September. The winner will be announced at a dinner in the House of Lords following the NextGen 15 event on November 5th.

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2015 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards: Digital Inclusion & Skills

13 Aug

This year we have combined the Digital Inclusion and Digital Skills award categories – reflecting how the effort to increase online participation has evolved to embrace a spectrum of skills now considered more essential for living and working in a modern society.

NGShortlisthi-resPrevious winners included projects from the Tinder Foundation – now recognized across the UK for the capabilities of their volunteers to reach disadvantaged sections of society.

Following the 2014 report from the House of Lords, there is now a far greater recognition of digital skills needs across all sectors of the UK economy.

The 2015 Shortlisted Finalists are:

CommunityUK.net Ltd with their project Going All Inclusive

AmicusHorizon with project Get Connected

Commendium Ltd for their BIG Cumbria project

bITjAM with an online platform to support National Youth Debates

Digital Unite with their Digital Champions Network

Hyde Plus with their Housing Initiative amongst social housing communities

Northumberland County Council with their project iNorthumberland

The independent judging panel will review all shortlisted contenders during September and the winners will be announced at a dinner in the House of Lords following the NextGen 15 event on November 5th.

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Registration is now open for the  NextGen 15 event





2015 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards: Rural Networks

10 Aug


The Rural Network Award has been part of the Digital Challenge since 2010.

NGShortlisthi-resPrevious winners include B4RN – now recognized across Europe as an exemplar of community investment.

With the launch in September of ICF’s 2016 Connected Countryside campaign we can expect far greater recognition of the massive economic growth contribution that originates in areas beyond the major metros.

The 2015 Shortlisted Finalists are;

Abthorpe Broadband AssociationThe Tove Valleys journey, from Satellite to FTTP, illustrates more than a decade of development. The villages and remote properties are now served partly by fibre directly to their premises or via wireless from village access points.

Gigaclear plcPiddington and Ludgershall ultrafast broadband deployment. These rural communities had one of the fastest ever sign ups with the support and help of the local people.

Lothian Broadband Networks Limited – Providing Fast Broadband in Rural East Central Scotland. Lothian Broadband provides high-speed wireless services via strategically positioned masts to reach 1000s of village properties that would otherwise be on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Satellite Internet – Superfast Satellite for Communities (SS4C) – positioned as a solution for extremely hard-to-reach areas. Using a mix of satellites with different footprints, there is now a range of flexible packages that can deliver a variety of services.

Vfast Internet – Providing super fast access to some of the hardest to reach communities across Kent. Vfast uses its fibre network to feed local wireless broadband services and now also offers a fixed line service for customers within range of its local cabinets.

The independent judging panel will review all shortlisted contenders during September and the winners will be announced at a dinner in the House of Lords following the NextGen 15 event on November 5th.

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2015 Digital Challenge Awards – Open Data

10 Aug

NGShortlisthi-resThis is the 3rd year that The NextGen Digital Challenge has honoured Open Data projects.

Last year’s winner The Driver & Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA) highlighted a great step forward in public sector online capabilities.

The shortlisted contenders for 2015 include three from the Public Sector – and they are competing with a Community Project from rural England and a major Utility.

The judging panel’s reactions in September will be interesting as they study the scale of challenges, the novelty of the solutions and evidence of achievement.

DVLA are back – this time pitching their system for allowing Fleet companies to view vehicle records. For companies managing more than 50 vehicles this will enable huge administrative efficiencies.

Cybermoor – based in Alston Moor, high up in the North Pennines – have are enabling a greater understanding of what is going on in rural communities through their Community Data Explorer project.  Making data relevant – drawing on planning and crime stats – it has recently won funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government to extend into other parts of Cumbria.

Ordnance Survey are hoping to find a route towards another trophy with their Open Map project – enabling vast swathes of landscape details to be incorporated into other online systems.

British Gas are looking forward to more Connected Homes with their My Energy Application platform – a service that brings together smart metering and Predictive Analytics to transparently communicate to customers on their energy consumption.

And the final contender comes from the Channel Islands: the States of Guernsey with the Electronic Census Project that turns the costs and hassle of census production on its head. Why ask citizens to fill in forms every ten years, when by pulling together a whole range of data already known to government, you can get complete census results at every quarter of the year at a fraction of the cost?

We must wait until 5th November to find out just who will be celebrating at the Awards dinner in the House of Lords – but all of the contenders have great stories that will fuel further adventures in Open Data development.


For more information on NextGen 15 and the Digital Challenge Awards visit: http://www.nextgenevents.co.uk/events/NextGen15


NextGen Digital Challenge Awards 2015: The Shortlist

3 Aug



For this 5th year of the Digital Challenge Awards we have seven Awards categories.

Back in January, when we launched the Open Call for nominations, we had no idea what projects would be in the running by the end of May.   We hoped that the nominations would highlight some new trends. We have not been disappointed.

This year will see a new award for Sharing Economy projects, even stronger backing for the Open Data award and another group of Finalists shortlisted for their contributions to Intelligent Communities.

Time-honoured favourite, the Digital Inclusion award, is combined this year with great projects around Digital Skills.   The continuing pace of projects in Digital Innovation, Rural Networks, and Urban Networks fuels all these long-standing Awards.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will profile the contenders for each of these Awards Categories.   The independent judging panel will review each project’s merits in September and by October we will be deeply immersed in trophy production for the big night in the House of Lords on November 5th.

The summary of shortlisted Finalists is now online.

Further news will be tweeted (#NG15, @eventsnextgen , and @groupeintellex ) and all Finalists now have an email signature button to mark their success.


Digital Challenge Awards 2013 – record entry shows sources of economic growth

6 Aug

The UK’s Next Generation Digital Challenge is an annual awards programme that culminates in an award ceremony in October – this year at Wembley during the NextGen conference.

The entries this year are interesting for at least three reasons.  Firstly the Open Nomination phase resulted in more than three times previous entry levels.  Secondly analysis of the entries showed that there were now sufficient entries to justify support for three new categories – in Open Data, Digital Skills and Digital Innovation – in addition to the traditional categories for digital network developments.  Thirdly the entries show an increasing awareness of the value for local communities and the economy of long-term investment in digital infrastructure.

With this higher level of entries, up to six nominations in each category have now been selected  to go forward as Finalists for assessment by an independent judging panel and all of those short-listed will be invited to make brief presentations at NextGen13.

Full story including the short-listed Finalists here

Next Generation Digital Challenge Awards 2013 – NOW OPEN

17 Feb

For our 2013 edition we have changed the design – starting with an Open Call for entries, suggestions and ideas.

The Challenge will this year honour and celebrate the enablers of your own digital economy.

We are also this year introducing a separate ‘smart city’ track for international exemplars.

The full details and how to throw in your suggestions can be found here.

Nominate Now and track how your contenders fare during the short-list selection, finalist places and the winners at the NextGen13 conference dinner on 14th October.

The Digital Challenge is a Groupe Intellex project in association with NG Events Ltd.