Smartphones: the Remote for controlling your digital economy

14 Sep

In Leonard Cohen’s dark interpretation of the future, (‘things go ‘n slide – slide in all directions’) his fear is that ‘there won’t be nothing you can measure anymore’.
‘Sliding’ is a good word for the conceptual turmoil facing mobile operators.  In this editorial written for Bdaily – the UK’s business news network – we consider measures of mobility, the shift from voice to data apps and the investment needed for the next generation of ‘small cell’ base stations.
The Mobile, we conclude, has become a Remote – a controller for your personal version of the digital economy – and depends on avoiding mobile networks for much of its smartness.
The word ‘sliding’ implies a loss of directional control.   In ‘smartphones and smarter phoners’ we look forward to the debate at NextGen12 when the Mobile Operators Association goes head to head with Rethink Wireless.
Full story here.

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