The Connectedness of Policy in a Digital Economy

27 Sep

For all students of the Digital Economy – its impacts and the potential for changing the way we can do things around here – we recommend the FCC’s task force report on mHealth.

This report is not just an example of the awesome lobbying power of the Mobile industry.  It carries the message that regulating the communications industry is about understanding the needs of all sectors of the economy.

Connected Health is an obvious place to start trying to catch up with ideas developed in remote parts of Scandinavia.

At NextGen 12 the session on trends in the mobile industry is being chaired by the Editor of Groupe Intellex,

Full story and link to the mHealth report here


One Response to “The Connectedness of Policy in a Digital Economy”

  1. Jeremy Truitt September 27, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

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