Professor puts people ahead of process

11 Oct

The business and management systems experts gathered for a conference ‘Energy Process Excellence Europe’ in Aberdeen may not have been expecting the message from Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas.

In a timely reminder of why they were in business he pointed out that it was ‘People and not Process that was the key to success’

His central point was that by understanding the ‘success factors’ all employees could be encouraged to perform as well, if not better, than those in the upper echelons of any large business.   The complexity of modern management, and the availability of often expensive systems to mange processes are often combined to re-engineer outcomes that could, he says, be easily achieved by simpler, selective and better targeted actions to support employees.

He pointed out that the vast majority of customers have little or no concern for an organisation’s structure and processes – they merely want efficient and helpful service.

To this end – putting people before process – he has studied over 2000 organisations and published a large study of the results.

Full story here from Andrew Macdonald, our Management & Technology correspondent


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