Curating for the Curious

6 Jul

flipbook screenimageIt may be a good reason for not responding to online surveys – the tick boxes never seem to match our interests – but the enigma that is Groupe Intellex can frustrate those with tidier minds.  Even our logo seeks to escape from those who would prefer to place people on tidy library shelves or in neatly filed boxes.

But if perchance you are curious and can be bothered to peer inside the portfolio of those travelling in an innovative world, then take a look at our magazine as it trawls the Groupe Intellex mind.

Here you will find most of our recent outputs, some guest contributions, odd things that need a wider audience, some twitterish comments, links to interesting innovations and serious stuff with, hopefully, a few chuckles tucked inside.   It’s not of course all our own work but Flipboard makes curating so easy that it deserves a mention in any journal dedicated to innovation.

Writing is such fun – and not just for our own amusement.  Even the most earnest of visionary endeavours, Business Plans or Strategy Statements for stakeholders can afford to be lightened and humanised with some sense of poetry.

Should I mention that if the topic appeals our rates can be very reasonable?  Thinking Allowed.


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