Network Technologies & City Management: innovations in parallel

25 Jan

Following a week where Judith Rodin’s book The Resilience Dividend coincided with reports from ETSI on great progress in NFV standards development, it was perhaps inevitable that we’d find ourselves musing on their similarities.

Megan Wu - silicon cityscape

For Networks: getting our acts together we found that Megan Wu’s graphic captured a blend of cityscape and silicon.  Network technologists and Community builders –  different disciplines tackling much the same processes.



One Response to “Network Technologies & City Management: innovations in parallel”

  1. Michael Graham January 25, 2015 at 2:26 pm #

    Hi David – good to see you’re slaving over a hot keyboard on a Sunday and apologies for me being such a poor correspondent over the last while but the days and weeks just seem to fill in (or are filled in for me more like). Hope all is good with you and will try and call you during the incoming week as that’s long overdue too. In the meantime very kind regards‎ mg

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