NextGen15 – Broadband Futures from a pan-EU perspective

18 Oct

What every local councilor should know (leastways those who have a remit for developing their local economy) is: Funding for Digital Infrastructure is Available.

NextGen logo smallHow can your local communities qualify, the scale of funding, the network design requirements, issues of State Aid and other rules will all be discussed at NextGen15 on November 5th where you can meet the Head of the Broadband Unit within DG CONNECT – a key part of the European Commission.

Anna Krzyzanowska will be presenting an update on European Commission initiatives in Broadband Policy, Regulation and Financing, and will be interviewed on stage by our event moderator Richard Jones.

Details of the latest agenda and delegate registration (including a discounted Public Sector rate) are now available at

Among the many broadband and wider digital specialists, you will also hear from Richard Hooper (Chair of the Broadband Stakeholders Group – BSG), Barney Lane (Director of Regulatory Affairs, Colt Technology Services), Edgar Aker – President FTTH Council Europe and Julia Glidden – President 21c Consultancy.

At this time when Ofcom are just beginning a Strategic Review of Digital Communications, the scene is set for a major reappraisal of the UK’s broadband aspirations.

Are we on track to meet the UK’s future digital needs?

 What part will you play in finding the answer?

NextGen15 – 5th November 2015, Institute of Education, London.



3 Responses to “NextGen15 – Broadband Futures from a pan-EU perspective”

  1. chrisconder October 18, 2015 at 10:32 am #

    Is there a representative coming who has actually laid some fibre? why don’t you invite Gigaclear or Hyperoptic to the panel and break up the talking heads? We need action now, before it is too late. We have had over a decade of talking. 😉

    Laying fibre networks is not rocket science.

    • GroupeIntellex October 18, 2015 at 11:25 am #

      Hi Chris – yes Gigaclear very much part of the event. NextGen15 is moderated by Richard Jones of Ventura – they have deployed and operated fibre networks around the world. Colt will be making the point that they have 42 Metro Area Networks across Europe but only 1 in the UK – and will push (again) for access to BT’s passive infrastructure. Stirling Lloyd will be explain micro-trenching. There will even be a session on Fibre/Wifi hybrids. So lots of real world experience and hopefully an audience that is keen to learn.

      • chrisconder October 18, 2015 at 12:13 pm #

        Great stuff. Let Gigaclear have centre stage, and let’s get the altnets raised above the false ceiling that has been in place for so long. Cut the excuses and the hype. Show the world how to JFDI.

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